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Take your meetings to the next level with Zoom-curated Essential Apps

Written by Sharon Markowitz Published January 4, 2023
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When you’re managing a growing business, your to-do list never stops growing. Meetings are an essential tool for chipping away that list, and making the most of that time is critical if you want to push your business forward. But other in-meeting tasks like note-taking, navigating and using other applications, and managing other aspects of the meeting experience can distract you from communicating and collaborating.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! To help you enhance communication, create engaging experiences, and streamline workflows, we’re adding a new offering to our Zoom One online paid plans — Zoom-curated Essential Apps!

Zoom-curated Essential Apps: What are they?

Zoom Apps allows you to access and launch your favorite tools and apps directly within Zoom Meetings and other products. While many of the apps that are available on Zoom’s App Marketplace are free, there are also premium versions, which require purchase.

Essential Apps give you access to premium versions of a selection of apps as part of your Zoom One Pro, Business, and Business Plus plan. These apps help you automate manual tasks like note-taking, help you easily access other software applications, and create more engaging experiences during your meetings. So rather than consuming your meetings with furiously typing notes to keep up with the conversation or constantly managing the meeting experience, you can focus on communicating, collaborating, and getting more done!

Get started in just a few clicks — essential apps are already available and ready to use with your Zoom account. Simply update to the latest version of Zoom to get access. And the best part? Essential Apps are free for one year with Zoom One Pro, Business, or Business Plus plans! Terms apply.

Here’s a sneak peek at the essential apps you’ll have access to as part of your new or upgraded Zoom One plan.

Productivity and collaboration

Want to work better together, automate tasks like note-taking, and get more done in your meetings? Check out these Essential Apps!

AI Notetaker By Fathom

Never take meeting notes on a Zoom call again with AI Notetaker by Fathom app for Zoom Meetings. Get recordings, transcription, and summaries of key moments of the call so you don’t miss a beat. Plus, use this app for your post-call follow-ups — recordings are available as soon as your call ends.


Transform your meeting time with Coda, an app that enables you to access a Coda doc from within your Zoom Meetings. With a Coda doc in your Zoom Meetings, you can check the pulse on sentiment, stay on track with a meeting timer, or even confirm meeting outcomes with a decision memo.


Have some amazing visuals you’d like to incorporate into your meeting? Bring them to life with Prezi Video for Zoom, which allows you to interact with participants while you show your visuals, add GIPHY reactions, and more.


Sometimes we could all use a little help reading the room — and the Meeting Tools & Metrics by Read app is here to help. The app’s automated tools will help you steer your Zoom Meetings in a clear direction with features like personalized meeting reports, and tools that alert you when participant engagement is dropping.


Ever had a meeting go off the rails because you got sidetracked on another topic? Keep your meetings on track with a visual agenda and help participants stay engaged with pre-designed activities like icebreakers. You can also organize your meeting notes with structured outcomes with the Sesh app.

Team activities and workshops

These Essential Apps are perfect for enhancing your collaboration, team-building, and brainstorming sessions.


Interactive and game-based elements help energize meetings, training, and presentations! This is what Kahoot! 360 Essential premium app is all about, and now you can know power-up with motivation for learning with some friendly competition. Spark collaboration and build teamwork today!


Games are a great way to relieve stress, build relationships, and learn new things. And now, you can bring that experience into your Zoom Meetings with Funtivity. Play games like Trivia, Bingo, or Escape Room and create an experience your attendees won’t soon forget!


Delight your attendees and enhance connection by moving meeting participants into timed, back-to-back conversations based on custom matchmaking rules. Create a virtual water cooler and more with the twine app.


Create a Breakout Room experience your participants will love with the Welo App! Enjoy features like personalized avatars, or build virtual spaces that fit your team’s needs.

Sales and customer relationships

Create a professional appearance for you and your team, get critical insights, and streamline access to your customer relationship management (CRM) solution during your meetings.

Virtual Business Cards by Warmly

Impress your customers with a memorable virtual business card that you can send directly in your meeting with Virtual Business Cards by Warmly. You can even coordinate your team’s logos and backgrounds for meetings, and enhance your digital calendar with more information on your meeting participants.

Playbooks by Gondola

Playbooks by Gondola makes it easy to focus on the conversation at hand with features to help you easily manage customer relationships in your CRM solution, and streamline customer follow-up with collaborative virtual workspaces.

Get started with essential apps

To learn more about this Zoom-curated selection of apps and how you can access it, be sure to visit our Essential Apps page.