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Zoom bolsters partner program with new enhancements, incentives and support programs

The Zoom Up Partner Program empowers partners and provides a clear path to growth and success

Published October 3, 2023
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Zoom’s diverse partner network is core to Zoom’s foundation and plays a critical role in delivering exceptional solutions and opportunities to customers around the world.  Zoom’s partners care for and provide Zoom solutions to customers around the globe in a high-touch, local engagement model. Providing a simple yet comprehensive journey for partners to elevate their practices is vital to the success of Zoom, its partners, and its customers.

That’s why today, Zoom is unveiling the next evolution of the Zoom Up Partner Programa holistic partner development and reward model that makes it easy for partners to pursue their ideal path to success with Zoom.

“Because partners play a critical role in Zoom’s growth, we recognize that they must have the right tools and resources readily available to forge a clear path to expand and succeed,” said Todd Surdey, Head of Global Channels and Business Development at Zoom. “This next evolution of our partner program will unlock unparalleled opportunities and profitability for partners, and I look forward to the continued acceleration of the Zoom growth in collaboration with our partner network as we carry forward in this next chapter.” 

The next phase of the Zoom Up Partner Program will be available to all partner types and is centered around empowering partners to grow their practice alongside Zoom, providing the highest level of solution and service for their customers, and achieving greater rewards and profitability than ever before.

This 2.0 version of the Zoom Up Partner Program is scheduled to launch in early 2024 and will include:

  • Revamped Partner Levels: To better align rewards with the level of investment partners make in Zoom, Zoom Up will launch three new levels:  “Silver,” “Gold,” and “Platinum.” Partners can easily onboard to the Zoom Up program with the completion of the Foundation’s accreditations in just a few hours of training. They can then move up to the “Gold” level with a demonstration of knowledge depth within one product by achieving a product competency. At the highest tier of the program, Partners achieve “Platinum” level by proving knowledge and skills across the Zoom portfolio by obtaining multiple product competencies; a demonstration of both breadth and depth of expertise. Existing partners will automatically transition to their corresponding level at launch and will immediately have the opportunity to move up the levels.
  • Rewards for Partner Investment: This evolution of the Zoom Up Partner Program will provide significantly greater rewards of profitability, access to resources, and Zoom investments.  Partner rewards are tiered in accordance with the Zoom Up level achieved, which provides in-kind, stackable benefits aligned to both partners’ investment and performance; the epitome of a true Zoom-and-partner value exchange. 

New partner benefits

In addition to Zoom Up enhancements, Zoom is unlocking various offerings and resources to assist partners along their practice development and selling journeys: 

  • Partner Customer Success Program: Providing partners with the expertise to take on full ownership of the post-sale customer relationship and generate mutual growth through enhanced adoption and renewal of Zoom’s services.
  • Partner Support Program: Empowering partners to provide customers with technical support by introducing four support levels based on their level of investment within Zoom. These levels put partners in control of the customer support relationship and allow a faster time to resolution, overall improving the customer/partner experience. 
  • New Partner Licensing (NFR) Program: Formerly called PUDL, Zoom’s upcoming NFR program will provide entitled partners with more comprehensive collections of internal-use licenses so partners can readily utilize Zoom’s solutions and effectively demonstrate them to customers.  The new NFR program is tied to the Zoom Up program; partners will have access to incremental NFR packages based upon their Zoom Up level, which will also provide near instantaneous awarding and provisioning of licenses so partners do not have to wait.
  • AI-Powered Marketing: Zoom’s Partner Demand Center continues to advance in capabilities. Partners can now create AI-generated Zoom content for marketing campaigns in more than 150 languages. Communicating Zoom’s platform to customers has never been easier.
  • Workvivo for Referral Partners:  In April 2023, Zoom welcomed Workvivo, an employee experience platform, to our product suite. Beginning in September 2023, Zoom referral partners are now able to refer leads and receive commissions for the sale of Workvivo.
  • Strategic Service Provider Program: A track within the  Zoom Up program tailored to the needs of  Telecommunications Carriers, focusing on collaborative solutions and technical integrations.

Rewarding partner excellence 

To show our appreciation for our partners’ dedication to delivering happiness, we recognized the following partners through the 2023 Zoom Partner Awards program:

  • Global Partner of the Year: AVANT
  • Alliance Partner of the Year: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Innovation Partner of the Year: HP | Poly
  • ISV Builder Partner of the Year: AdvancedMD
  • Zoom CX/CE ISV Connect Partner of the Year: Verint
  • Zoom Meetings/Rooms ISV Connect Partner of the Year: Smarsh
  • Zoom Phone ISV Connect Partner of the Year: Akkadian Labs
  • Zoom Platform ISV Connect Partner of the Year: Theta Lake

US & Canada Regional Awards:

  • Most Valuable Partner Award: Telarus
  • Rising Star Partner Award: NuWave Communications
  • Rising Star Partner Award: ConvergeOne
  • Rising Star Partner Award: Resourcive
  • Technology Services Distributor Partner Award: Intelisys
  • Reseller Partner Award: CDW
  • Marketing Innovation Partner Award: Carahsoft
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: SHI

EMEA Regional Awards:

  • Most Valuable Partner Award: Connect4Video
  • Rising Star Partner Award: Charterhouse Voice and Data
  • Rising Star Partner Award: WTG
  • Rising Star Partner Award: Snowberg Solutions
  • Distributor Partner Award: FVC
  • Reseller Partner Award: DEKOM
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: Touch Conference

LATAM Regional Awards:

  • Rising Star Partner Award: AXEDE
  • Distributor Partner Award: TD Synnex LATAM
  • Reseller Partner Award: C3NTRO Telecom
  • Reseller Partner Award: XP ON
  • Reseller Partner Award: Provisiones Tecnológicas
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: TI PLUS
  • Marketing Innovation Partner Award: TD Synnex Mexico

APAC Regional Awards:

  • Most Valuable Partner Award: ETECH SYSTEM
  • Rising Star Partner Award: KT Corporation
  • Distributor Partner Award: Savex Technologies 
  • Reseller Partner Award: AARNet
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: Singtel
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: Tradewinds Technology Brokerage
  • Marketing Innovation Partner Award: TechUnited Solutions

Japan Regional Awards:

  • Most Valuable Partner Award: NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation
  • Rising Star Partner Award: KDDI CORPORATION
  • Distributor Partner Award: SB C&S Corp.
  • Marketing Impact Partner Award: NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION
  • Marketing Innovation Partner Award: CTCSP Corporation