Breaking down boundaries: Zoom AI Companion expands language support across its platform to enable better global collaboration and productivity | Zoom

Breaking down boundaries: Zoom AI Companion expands language support across its platform to enable better global collaboration and productivity

Zoom AI Companion now supports 36 languages in Meetings and nine languages in Team Chat, with more languages coming soon, plus automatic language detection

Published February 27, 2024

Today Zoom announced expanded language support and a new capability for AI Companion to help multilingual teams collaborate and communicate more effectively across the Zoom platform. AI Companion, the company’s generative AI assistant that is available at no additional cost,* now supports nine languages for Team Chat, expands to 36 languages (in preview) for in-meeting capabilities, and adds automatic detection of supported languages for meeting summaries.

Since AI Companion launched in September 2023, more than 510,000 Zoom accounts have enabled the AI assistant and used it to generate more than 7.2 million meeting summaries.

“Global teams need AI that can work across languages. If you’re using AI to help improve collaboration and productivity, it’s critical that your AI supports a multitude of languages used by your global teams,” said Mahesh Ram, head of AI at Zoom. “For us at Zoom, this was a no-brainer. Making sure global teams can connect and work together more effectively is what we are all about.” 

Supercharging collaboration and productivity for global teams

For today’s modern businesses with a global footprint, making technology more inclusive is increasingly important. With Zoom now supporting more languages across the platform, global teams are enabled to connect and collaborate more easily. 

Team Chat 

  • Team Chat helps colleagues connect asynchronously and streamline workplace communications on the Zoom platform. AI Companion now supports nine languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), and Japanese) in Team Chat, so users communicating in the supported languages can now use AI Companion to help compose chats and summarize chat threads. More languages are coming soon.


  • Both AI Companion meeting summary and in-meeting questions capabilities have expanded language support to 36 languages (in preview), helping global teams streamline collaboration and communication.
  • Additionally, AI Companion can automatically detect when supported languages are being spoken in a meeting and generate a meeting summary in the primarily spoken supported language. Multilingual users no longer have to remember to set the primary language that will be spoken in the meeting beforehand to get a complete meeting summary.

AI Companion is available for eligible paid Zoom user accounts at no additional cost.* For more information about Zoom AI Companion, visit the Zoom website.

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*Note: AI Companion is included at no additional cost for customers with the paid services assigned to their Zoom user accounts and may not be available for all regions and industry verticals.