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Zoom bolsters customer experience suite to strengthen customer relationships

New generative AI integrations, coaching capabilities, additional channels, and extended functionality for hybrid events provide engaging experiences for customers

Published October 3, 2023
Customer Experience Auto Flow

At Zoomtopia 2023, Zoom announced enhancements across its AI-powered customer experience (CX) suite to ensure customer service teams everywhere have what they need, in one place, to support and engage customers.

“Customer expectations have evolved — they expect seamless, personalized, engaging interactions across all touchpoints. With teams more dispersed than ever, creating connected workflows is key to delivering satisfaction to both customers and agents,” said Vi Chau, head of product, Zoom Phone and Contact Center at Zoom. “By continuing to invest in our customer experience technology and integrating both generative and conversational AI at the right points of the customer journey, Zoom helps businesses build meaningful relationships with their customers.”

Since its launch in 2022, Zoom Contact Center has evolved from a single solution to a robust customer experience suite, incorporating more than 600 new features in less than 18 months, including the new Workforce Engagement Management solution for agent coaching and forecasting.

Enhance the customer experience with innovative solutions

Zoom’s newest innovations in customer experience focus on helping businesses engage and collaborate better with their customers, and Zoom Events, which is powering the Zoomtopia hybrid experience, gets an upgrade with generative AI.

  • Zoom AI Companion:[1] Offers live transcription, summaries, live sentiment, and many other productivity tools to help increase agent productivity, improve team effectiveness, and enhance agent skills. AI Companion is included at no additional cost with all Zoom Contact Center licenses.
  • Zoom AI Expert Assist: Leverages the power of AI to listen, adapt, and present real-time outputs that help streamline workflows. For agents, it leverages natural conversation language to provide contextual, real-time actions and auto-surface useful customer and knowledge base information. For supervisors, it provides actionable suggestions to help them reduce the cost of manual efforts and avoid missed improvement opportunities.
  • AI Expert Assist

  • Generative AI in Zoom Virtual Agent: New auto-generated bot flows empower anyone on your team to create new, ready-to-publish workflows from just a few lines of text. Combined with generative AI intent creation, Zoom Virtual Agent chatbots can now be built and trained faster than ever before, without needing to pull in engineering resources.
  • AI Auto Flow

  • New channels and integrations: Zoom is now a partner for the WhatsApp BSP program, meaning Zoom Contact Center customers will be able to communicate with their customers via chat in WhatsApp. Coming soon, the additional channels of Messenger and email will allow agents to connect with customers where they already communicate.
  • AI enhancements to Zoom Events: Generative AI will now provide added value for event managers, helping to streamline production and remove challenges from the end-to-end event setup. Through AI-assisted composition of event invitations, sessions, and event lobby chats, event prep and live event support can be less stressful. AI-assisted composition of event lobby chats and email invitations are expected to be available in the coming months, and AI-assisted composition of sessions are expected to be available in 2024.

Deliver a modern customer experience

Zoom — continuously driving customer experience innovations and investing in its platform — launched a Contact Center integration with Salesforce for Zoom Events and announced the following capabilities.

  • Outbound Dialer: Preview and progressive dialer capabilities will be enabled in Zoom Contact Center, allowing agents to enhance customer interaction quality before placing calls and automatically dialing numbers on a contact list as soon as an agent becomes available. Both features are expected to be available in the coming months.
  • Remote desktop control: Employees or customers will be able to grant helpdesk agents permission to remotely control their desktops to more efficiently and quickly solve problems.
  • Third-party application integration: Enhancing the agent experience and reducing the need to toggle between programs, third-party apps will provide agents with real-time access to customer information, including customer relationship management (CRM), support, and payments from within the Zoom client. Additionally, Zoom Events has launched an integration with Salesforce to help marketers and event hosts seamlessly capture leads and prospects into their CRM, in addition to several other CRM and marketing automation service (MAS) integrations.

The contact center features will be available in new tiered bundles that include voice, video, chat, and SMS channels, real-time transcription, remote control, Agent CTI integration, surveys, and AI Companion capabilities. Additional features, including inbound email, social channels, Outbound Dialers, AI Expert Assist, and Workforce Engagement Management will be included in select plans. These new plans offer exceptional customer value to meet the needs of small to large contact center departments and they are expected to be available by the end of the year.

For more information on how Zoom is helping to strengthen customer relationships and to catch Zoom Events in action, watch Zoomtopia live on October 3–4.

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[1] AI Companion may not be available for all regions and industry verticals.