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Zoom doubles down on its open ecosystem platform that enables customer choice

Zoom Apps to expand to Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom Mail and Calendar in the coming months

Published October 3, 2023
Zoom App Marketplace

Zoom has always been about building a platform as an open ecosystem that empowers users with choice. Its open ecosystem, including partners, applications, and integrations, allows users to experience the full power of Zoom to connect and collaborate, easily integrate parts of Zoom into existing solutions, and add apps and data into the Zoom experience, enabling users to seamlessly drive their desired outcomes. Today at Zoomtopia, Zoom announced additional enhancements to make it easier for people to develop and deploy seamless workflows through Zoom.

“Zoom’s open ecosystem helps ensure that our customers have the choice to use the features and the tools that they already have, know, and love,” said Brendan Ittelson, chief ecosystem officer at Zoom. “Equipping the global developer ecosystem with our tools, technology, and resources to build solutions for customer choice allows developers to create seamless integrations so our customers can enjoy a better work experience using the apps they prefer.”

Zoom provides easy access to Zoom APIs and SDKs, allowing developers to build one app and have it accessible in multiple Zoom products leveraging product-specific capabilities.

“That’s the Zoom difference,” continued Ittelson. “Our framework provides guidance on how we surface your app of choice right within your Zoom interface, or we can embed Zoom in your app of choice. We also enable you to connect data from another app to Zoom or access Zoom data from your app, so you can trigger actions in either direction.”

New third-party application expansion to enhance employee and customer experience

Today Zoom also announced the ability to run third-party applications within the platform will expand to Zoom Contact Center.

Zoom Apps run in Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, Zoom Team Chat, and Zoom Rooms. In addition to extending Zoom Apps to Zoom Contact Center, in the coming months, Zoom Apps will run in Zoom Phone, Whiteboard, and Zoom Mail and Calendar.

Zoom App Marketplace Updates

Zoom App Marketplace
Zoom announced that it now has more than 2,500 pre-built apps and integrations in the Zoom App Marketplace for customers to explore and unveiled the ability for customers to deploy Admin Authorized Apps. Now Zoom account Admins can add apps for their Zoom end users so they can start using apps faster to get their work done, creating a more streamlined employee experience.

For more information on how Zoom is the platform that enables choice, watch Zoomtopia live on October 3–4.

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