3, 2, 1…Action! New Zoom Integrations Uplevel Event Production and Broadcast Solutions at NAB Show | Zoom

3, 2, 1…Action! New Zoom Integrations Uplevel Event Production and Broadcast Solutions at NAB Show

New Zoom production features and integrations bring enhanced functionality to Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

Published April 14, 2023
Computer screens showing behind the scenes of the production of Zoomtopia

Many people know Zoom for its meetings product, but Zoom has capabilities that extend far beyond video and voice calls. Over the past several years, Zoom has expanded its role as an anchor to custom live experiences all over the world. Studios, enterprises, broadcast organizations, and creators have completely revamped what event production looks like by using the Zoom platform. 

This year at the NAB Show, the annual conference that highlights innovations shaping the broadcast, media, and entertainment industries, Zoom will continue to highlight its leadership momentum in the events management and production industry. Following its asset purchase of Liminal, Zoom has created new enhancements to its first-party technology, and new integrations to streamline production workflows. In the coming weeks, Zoom users will have access to enhanced event production and the tools to create engaging streaming experiences for creators, producers, broadcasters, and more.

ZoomISO Bolsters In-House Production Features

The ZoomISO app will be adding a number of enhancements to its set of production features in an upcoming beta, including support for the SRT protocol, a new join flow including support for Zoom Events, and broadened audio output capabilities. These enhancements will help increase Zoom’s connectivity in broadcasts and events, and seamlessly connect Zoom to third-party systems.

Since its introduction at IBC in September 2022, ZoomISO v2 has impacted how broadcast companies and production teams run their shows.

We’ve always struggled during our round-table discussions with remote guests talking over each other, due to latency,” said John Slanina, studio manager at TWiT. “With ZoomISO reducing latency between remote guests by more than half, guests can tell who talked first and gracefully back out. That improves the flow of our conversations greatly. We are also very happy with the higher quality video ZoomISO gives us, which is also free of all overlays.” 

Zoom Developers Introduce New Integrations for Pro-level Productions

In addition to Zoom’s first-party production solutions, developers can use the Zoom Developer Platform to build integrations that enhance Meetings, control large-scale events, and enrich streaming performances and productions. 

“These integrations demonstrate what’s possible when developers take advantage of our SDKs to deliver exceptional user experiences,” said Brendan Ittelson, chief technology officer at Zoom. “We have leveraged Liminal’s innovative work to build upon Zoom’s integration technology, and now we have released these tools to developers to enhance remote contribution, virtual events, and Zoom-based event production workflows.” 

ZoomISO at Zoomtopia

Below are details on some of these integrations, which will be showcased at NAB.

Epiphan Connect

Epiphan Connect brings Zoom to cloud production. With Epiphan Connect, users can elevate their content conveniently with branded layouts, live switching, and beautiful graphics. Epiphan Connect weaves together cloud and on-prem workflows for event production with the quality and ease of use customers expect on the Zoom platform.

Wirecast by Telestream

Wirecast, the professional live video streaming and production studio software, can now join Zoom Meetings to bring guests directly into a live show. With high-quality live-streaming video in minutes, users can engage with their live audience, bring in remote guests, and display curated social media comments live on-screen during broadcasts.

SPX Graphics by Softpix

Softpix has published a new tool in the Zoom Apps ecosystem, SPX Graphics for Zoom, that enables creators to deploy lower thirds, animations, and other graphic overlays into their video streams and Zoom Meetings with ease. SPX Graphics for Zoom comes with permanent base layers for the most important overlays, and additional graphic templates can be installed as additional layers from the SPX store.

New Blue’s Titler Live

New Blue brings simplicity to the remote production workflow with the new Titler Live integration for Zoom. Users can easily add high-quality, animated graphics and sophisticated video production to their live video meetings and webinars to increase participant engagement. Titler Live allows users to create dynamic, animated titles, lower thirds, and other on-screen graphics for Zoom productions. NewBlue’s intuitive graphics engine and design templates enable video switching, effects, media clips, and audio mixing, so users can easily create complete Zoom-based productions all in one place.

mimoLive by Boinx

With mimoLive, Mac users can add Zoom participants as sources to their live streams. MimoLive includes a multi-camera video switcher, a variety of free-to-use overlays, video conferencing, an advanced graphics engine, ISO recording, and automation, empowering Mac users to deliver high-quality live video encoding and streaming with ease.

IzzyCast by TroikaTronix

TroikaTronix is entering beta for IzzyCast, a new feature for their Isadora product that allows users to share high-definition video, audio, and data among any number of copies of Isadora located anywhere in the world. With IzzyCast, users can send multiple streams of high-quality video, audio, and data from anywhere to anywhere, manipulate and present those streams using the incredible flexibility of Isadora.

Cinamaker StudioHD Recorder for Zoom

Cinamaker, the creator of “Director Studio,” a lightweight, all-in-one multi-camera, multi-input, video recording, editing, and live streaming platform, is expanding its Zoom integration to create more engaging events, webinars, and meetings, even for inexperienced users. StudioHD Recorder for Zoom is ideal for making evergreen video content from Zoom sessions. Using Cinamaker’s new StudioHD Recorder for Zoom, users can connect remote guest cameras and record Zoom participant cameras at high quality, and make the recordings available shortly after each session for editing in Director Studio or other tools. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how Zoom is enhancing the production experience for creators, producers, and broadcasters through innovative integrations and the ZoomISO app