Now, You Can Bring Your Own Encryption Keys — Meet Zoom Customer Managed Key

Written by Karthik Raman Published August 31, 2022

Every industry grapples with its own unique regulatory requirements — the healthcare industry faces HIPAA, while financial services institutions must address Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, NY DFS, and more. All organizations have a different approach to safeguarding important information and remaining compliant, and some need tailored security solutions to do so.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Zoom Customer Managed Key (CMK). Our newest advanced security offering, CMK is designed to help you address stricter compliance requirements, equipping you with the ability to protect certain data stored at rest within the Zoom Cloud infrastructure using your own encryption keys. CMK is a paid offering and Zoom’s Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) solution.

Details on CMK

With Customer Managed Key, you can opt to use your own encryption keys to encrypt certain Zoom assets such as cloud recordings, voicemails, and calendar access tokens. The list of assets covered by Zoom CMK includes:

  • Zoom Meeting cloud recordings (including transcripts and chat texts)
  • Zoom Webinars cloud recordings
  • Zoom Phone voicemails and recordings
  • Calendar access tokens for Zoom Rooms
  • User calendar access tokens
  • Microsoft Teams access tokens
  • Archiving for meetings and webinars

At the time of launch, CMK supports customers who use AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS). To set up CMK, account admins can provision encryption keys directly within the “Security” tab on the Zoom admin portal. You can also work with Zoom Global Services to implement CMK.

Security tailored to your organization

We strive to provide the tools you need to navigate today’s complex regulatory landscape and tailor a security strategy to your organization’s unique needs.

CMK is designed to help you protect your data in the way your business needs. Whether you want to deploy CMK or one of our other security offerings, you have options — a choice in how you safeguard your information.

To learn more about security and privacy at Zoom, explore our Trust Center. And to get more details on Zoom Customer Managed Key, check out our webpage and webinar.