Zoom and Swoogo make hybrid events more engaging, equitable and easy to organize with new integration | Zoom

Zoom and Swoogo make hybrid events more engaging, equitable and easy to organize with new integration

Together, Zoom Events and Swoogo are bridging the gap between in-person and virtual events to reach broader audiences and make it easier than ever to join an event

Published October 17, 2023
Zoom Events and Swoogo Integration

Today at IMEX 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zoom and Swoogo announced an integration that brings the best of in-person event technology to a virtual platform that focuses on engagement, high-quality production, and scale.  

“This integration has the potential to bring together larger and more engaged audiences, making events and conferences easier to access for everyone,” said Wei Li, Head of Zoom Events, Webinar, Sessions, and Chat at Zoom. “Hybrid events are the future. With the power of Zoom and Swoogo, it’s easier than ever for hosts to bring together audiences of all sizes and for attendees to join no matter where they are in the world.”

Together with Zoom Events, Swoogo’s event management capabilities empower hosts to effectively build, lead, and manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person event sessions. Zoom customers can purchase a Swoogo license to facilitate in-person event activities like a call for papers, a speaker resource center, in-person registration, and more. Likewise, Swoogo customers can purchase a Zoom Events license to easily expand their event content to in-person or virtual audiences while facilitating connection between them and the on-site experience for in-person attendees using the Zoom mobile app, engage virtual attendees with TV-quality production using Production Studio, and provide content that can be accessed in any time zone with Simulive. 

“Swoogo is thrilled to announce our partnership with Zoom Events, which will modernize hybrid events for event organizers and attendees,” said Sam Harkness, SVP of Partnerships at Swoogo. “This collaboration empowers event planners and marketers to seamlessly blend the strengths of both platforms, streamlining the creation of exceptional hybrid event experiences.”

Through the integration, customers can build in either Zoom Events or Swoogo and share event data between platforms with a click of a button. This integration is expected to be commercially available in early 2024.

For more information, on Zoom Events: https://events.zoom.us/

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